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The Death of the Chairman’s Whim

  MRM’s The Death of the Chairman’s Whim: Making the most of your sponsorships in a digital age brings together some of the finest minds in brand and communications to lift the lid on the future of sponsorships. Read it here.

The Death of the Chairman's Whim

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Stagnation Generation: views from a millennial

Could millennials be the first generation ever to earn less than their predecessors? According to a new report by Laura Gardiner at the Resolution Foundation, that is a distinct possibility if current trends continue.

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ECB reactions

It is not surprising that the ECB did not cut rates further due to the unclear risk/ reward of having more negative rates.  However, the ECB has tasked committees to evaluate stimulus options, which is laying the groundwork for a December policy move if necessary.  Financial share prices have rallied from lows, but concerns over profitability and NPLs continue and will be watched by policy makers.  A key technical driver of credit markets this summer has been the corporate purchase program of the ECB and soon to be implemented by the BOE.  The ECB has just passed the EUR 1 trillion mark in sovereign bond purchases and the new Corporate Purchase Program has already reached close to EUR20 billion since the summer.  ECB corporate buying has driven average IG spreads to lows and corporates are issuing bonds at negative yields.  Ironically, all this liquidity from the ECB is not helping trading liquidity measured by the bid-ask spreads in euro credit and in euro HY.  Throughout this year, bid-ask spreads have continued to increase making transaction costs higher for investors.  We see better value in higher yielding spread product in the US and EM – Regina Borromeo, Portfolio Manager, Legg Mason Brandywine   The European Central Bank Governing Council met today to discuss monetary policy. They decided not to alter policy, keeping key interest rates unchanged as well as making no change to the previously announced asset purchase programmes. They did announce that they have tasked their technical committees within the European Central Bank to analyse the functioning of the implementation of the QE policy. Financial markets were disappointed by... read more