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MRM hires Ehrensperger to boost tech

MRM hires Ehrensperger to boost tech

MRM, the integrated financial services specialist, has hired Andrew Ehrensperger to boost its fintech and language capabilities. Born in Canada, Andrew was raised in Zurich, Switzerland, where he went to international school. A speaker of Russian and German, he has a...

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MRM Digital, our online division, has the expertise to help your business profit from this rapidly expanding area of marketing and communications.

We’re passionate about delivering channel agnostic digital campaigns that chase measurable business outcomes.  Find out more.

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Generation Austerity: Brexit and beyond

MRM’s fourth annual Young Money Report, “Generation Austerity: Brexit and beyond”, looks at the attitudes to finance of 1,000 18-25 year olds who have grown up in the dark shadow of austerity. Click here to read MRM’s latest report.

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Stagnation Generation: views from a millennial

Could millennials be the first generation ever to earn less than their predecessors? According to a new report by Laura Gardiner at the Resolution Foundation, that is a distinct possibility if current trends continue.

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ECB reactions

It is not surprising that the ECB did not cut rates further due to the unclear risk/ reward of having more negative rates. However, the ECB has tasked committees to evaluate stimulus options, which is laying the groundwork for a December policy move if necessary.

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