Taking a look at the themes dominating the Money pages at the weekend and, well, the theme is there is no real theme linking the various titles, ahem, however we did unearth a themette of sorts. Both the Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Times warned that the end of the recession is not a time for unbridled joy. Instead the Sunday Times urges caution while the Sunday Telegraph warns that we could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire with rising inflation and taxes. Ho hum.

Onto cheerier topics, the Guardian led with what promises to be an exercise in top notch customer services with the launch in a couple of weeks of Metro Bank, the UK’s first new high street banking chain for 150 years. There’s one around the corner from MRM HQ here in Covent Garden so we took a sneaky pic on the old Blackberry for you (see below).

Metro Bank

Apparently it’s shaping up to be a very promising customer service proposition indeed. It will be open longer than any of the other high street banks, from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Not only will each branch stay open all day Saturday and Sunday, but it will have customer toilets in branches too. Plus it promises only to lend what it brings in from depositors. All laudable, refreshing fare, but to be honest it had MRM at loos.

The rest of the scores on the coverage board this weekend were:

Investment stories 46%

Mortgage stories 12%

Insurance stories 20%

Savings stories 7%

Credit card stories 3%

Utilities stories 0%

Pension stories 12%