Do you commute? We commute. Although originally hailing from the furthest flung reaches of the British Empire (well Ireland, Scotland, the Wirral and the Southeast, ahem) it is to London and its commuter belt that we have found ourselves inexorably drawn to set up home.

And with MRM Towers located in Covent Garden commuting can, at times, bookend the working day like some seasonal form of Faustian hell: in Spring it’s flooding and delays; in Summer the air conditioning likes to take a holiday and the tracks expand in the heat putting the gauge out meaning more delays; in the Autumn the leaves become track terrorists and do whatever it is they are accused of doing with alarming frequency to stop the trains from running; and in Winter the low temperatures make the tracks contract, putting the gauge out again and when you do bag a fully functioning train you get to sit in sneeze-fest, germ-laden cabins.

This tissue of torment has the additional layer of fellow commuters: the twitchers, the sniffers, the owners of rears that take up more than their allotted seat allowance and the delightful low level farters, let’s call them Seepers, and those who have fallen out of love with personal hygiene. Yep, getting to and from work each day can be an unalloyed joy. Just as well it’s the end of the week.

And with that we can seamlessly segue into some transport related links. Now so far MRMers have only ever had to rely and be let down by trains, tubes and buses, but the day will come when this beauty is de rigueur for checking your progress into work of a morning.

But until that time, we will be using these two rather nifty links to check tube train progress and where to position ourselves on the platform. Genius.

We throw our hands up acknowledging that these are London-centric links but rather selfishly it’s the pain of our own commute we’ve been trying to lessen this week, ahem. Sorry!