For the benefit of the hitherto uninitiated, this here Friday Links malarkey is a roundup of the best the web had to offer over the course of the week which we then pull together here in an easily digestible format; a one stop links shop, if you will. Or an excuse to share with you a few things that tickled us this week, if you won’t.

This week we are being a little, well, fraudulent, as strictly speaking there are no links, just a solitary link, singular, all on its lonesome. But what a link – the gateway to a world of randomness in link form.  Prepare to freestyle baby, oh yes, and your jumping off point is this lil’ beaut: the lucky dip of links with a disclaimer that is instantly endearing: “The websites you are forwarded to may contain naughty stuff. There is no known “porn” but sites change hands often and sometimes they change ethical direction. If you see something that looks like porn or is otherwise unacceptable let us know and we’ll decide if it should be removed or if you’re just a crank who likes to complain.”

The highlight of our own trip into the weird and wonderful world o’random links was this for the strap line ‘a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists’ – not sure why that should have had us sniggering but it did.

The random link generator offered up plenty of chaff and only the occasional kernal but it was all about the anticipation for us and the site is now firmly in our canon of favourite links with which to while away some down time.