This weekend’s money sections were quite an interesting mishmash of topics, ranging from Japan to Isas to insurance. Looking at the tallies investments reached a high of 30 per cent, up from 26 per cent last week, with many column inches dedicated to the final straights of Isa season. While pensions dropped off from 17 per cent to 3 per cent, insurance and savings took up the slack with both climbing by 6 per cent and 4 per cent respectively.

Articles that caught our attention included Simon Read (@simonnread) in the Independent urging investors not to scrap their Isa plans as markets quickly recover from confusion and Kathryn Cooper in The Sunday Times (@thesundaytimes) who reported on advisers warning investors to stick with their funds in Japan.

Both Rupert Neate (@rupertneate) in the Guide to Isas in the Telegraph and Melanie Wright (@melwrightmoney) in The Sunday Times focused on how readers can invest in Isas to boost their income. While Neate looked at income through dividends on stocks and shares Isas, Wright informed readers of how to save tax on nearly £9,000 a year on their retirement income with the clever use of Isas.

Moving on to look at insurance, the Mail on Sunday had an eclectic mix of stories including cover for musicians and urging readers to look closely at funeral insurance schemes to ensure they are not being lead up the garden path. Paul Farrow also looked at insurance in the Telegraph (@TeleFinance), using his own experience as a case study on the importance of taking out the right level of pet cover – we hope George the springer spaniel gets well soon!

Elsewhere, the other scores on the board were as follows:

Charity                  1%

Credit cards        5%

Fraud/scams      1%

IFAs                       0%

Insurance            10%

Investment        30%

Mortgages          7%

Pensions              3%

Property              6%

Regulation          2%

Savings                 19%

Tax                         12%

Utilities                 4%