Today was all about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Warning: if you’re a supporter, this might make uncomfortable reading.

  1. It started with some of the Labour Party’s economics gurus walking out over #Brexit. First up, Thomas Piketty, the Left’s most famous economist and author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

2. Then, Danny Blanchflower, former economic adviser to John McDonnell…

3. A slew of bad business news provided briefly for some non-Corbyn news.

4. And the environment was said to be an early casualty of #Brexit.

5. But it wasn’t long before all eyes were back on Corbyn. David Cameron launched a blistering attack on the Opposition Leader at PMQs.

6. Labour’s MEP’s joined the bashing.

7. And this got tongues wagging – talk of a ‘new party’ forming.

8. Meanwhile, there were also manoeuvrings on the Right.

9. But we were quickly back to Corbyn and some gossip about the behind-the-scenes operation.

10. After all this, the day ended in defiance. This looks like going another round or two.