Just wow. Can we all agree that we have just witnessed one the most tumultuous political weeks in post-war Britain? Crazy.

And the mad momentum continued into Friday. It started with the first ‘insider’ piece on the ‘BoJo’-Gove fissure and ended – surprisingly to some – with a raft of bullish signals from the City. Labour, for the first time since the EU referendum vote, took the day off. You won’t need to read the Evening Standard, great paper though it is, because we’ve captured 10 tweets that told the story of Friday.

1. Rare for The Sun to dabble in so-called #LongRead journalism – but this is well worth 12 minutes of your evening.

2. The big political event of the day was the launch of Michael Gove’s campaign to be Prime Minister and it was, well, a bit weird.

3. But, whatever Gove must be thinking as he reflects on a huuuuge week in his political life, he must be glad not to be the man he ‘knifed in the back’.

4. There has been bad news in the business media all week – and today Siemens obliged us with a sobering announcement.

5. If the ramifications of that nasty little nugget don’t hit home, try this worrying trend.

6. It’s not polite to say “I told you so” but perhaps you could have forgiven the Chancellor for muttering it under his breath.

7. And it turns out events since the vote are resonating among the electorate.

8. But the City is like a prize fighter who just won’t stay down.

9. And, while house prices are being hit, people are, apparently, still buying them. Small mercies.

10. So how has all this affected the standing of the runners and riders in the race to be Her Majesty’s next Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

More next week… if the apocalypse doesn’t come before then.