MRM offers an enviable blend of public relations, digital marketing and journalism expertise, as well as a strong skill set in strategic counsel, brand positioning and thought leadership.


MRM: Corporate & Consumer, Social & Digital, Public & Regulatory Affairs
Media relations

Media relations is at the very core of what we do and we have an award-winning reputation for consistently delivering ideas and initiatives that gain traction with media outlets and their readers.

Over the years the team has advised a wide range of UK and international financial services companies on an array of issues and initiatives. From business start-ups and mass-market product launches to individual profile-raising and thought leadership initiatives, we help organisations create effective media relations campaigns that get results.

Social and digital media strategy and implementation

Digital and social media strategies fail when they are ill-conceived and aren’t focused from the start on business outcomes. While most businesses realise they need to build a strategy for online communications, many don’t know why.

We have the expertise to help you get your thinking straight from the outset so all your activity makes business sense. We do this by analysing online conversations about your brand, your competitors and your market using world-leading social media monitoring and analytics packages. Finally, we make recommendations on how to build social media assets, communities and influence in a way that will support your business objectives and – ultimately – boost your bottom line.

Strategic counsel and crisis management

While reputations are hard to build, with the advent of social media they have never been easier to damage. Good ones are earned through well thought out engagement with all stakeholders in both the bad times and the good.

We use our experience and expertise to advise and counsel organisations and individuals on how to communicate whatever the weather, from company launches and acquisitions to closures, departures, damaging system failures and regulatory fines. The nature of the work we do and the sector we operate in means the team is always working with clients on issues of one kind or another. Whether they get to ‘crisis’ level is largely down to how well an issue is handled from the outset.

Strategy and communications workshops

Our ‘brown-paper’ strategy sessions have been developed over many years and are unique to MRM.

While each one is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual clients they all involve a long piece of brown paper, lots of post-it notes and much discussion. Covering everything from messaging and customer communication content to staff engagement and sales activity, the workshops produce live and aligned communications roadmaps with distinct business specific battle rhythms that combine core activity with bigger thinking initiatives, while ensuring consistent and business appropriate messaging across all communications.

High impact consumer finance campaigns

Our experience of working at, and with, leading consumer brands, coupled with our technical knowledge of the financial services sector, means we’re better equipped than the competition to devise and deliver ideas and initiatives for those retail brands looking to launch into, or expand their presence in, financial services or existing financial brands wanting to drive awareness among everyday consumers.

Content creation

The creation of compelling content is the cornerstone of any effective communications strategy and is something we are always happy to help clients with.

Whether tapping into the talents of our award-winning writers to produce high-quality written material, working with leading designers and photographers or designing and delivering well-targeted events or commissioning research (done to great effect with our 2014 Young Money report), clients have access to a group of people passionate about the power of high-quality content and the many ways it can be created and repurposed.

Communications audits and analysis

Most businesses already produce an enormous amount of underused content from regular marketing updates, internal spreadsheets and meetings to one-off presentations and conference speeches.

We work closely with clients to continually analyse and assess the effectiveness of this content and how this can be best re-purposed to support wider communications objectives.

Presentation and media training

Being an effective communicator, whether to internal audiences or external stakeholders, is crucial.

We work alongside the very best in the business – including national TV and radio broadcast journalists and RADA-trained actors with stage and screen experience – to create bespoke programmes designed to give clients the necessary skills and confidence to communicate at the highest level in all situations.

Public Affairs

The public policy arena is getting ever more complex with overlapping national and international legislative and regulatory structures. Our team of consultants has decades of public policy experience across the political spectrum from Westminster to Brussels. Being financial services specialists we natively understand the regulatory environment as well as the needs and concerns of the industry. We offer clients a comprehensive public affairs service including parliamentary and political intelligence, parliamentary counsel, government and opposition relations and regulatory affairs.


Broadcast, TV and radio, continues to be a vital component in any media relations campaign. The team has extensive knowledge and experience in the broadcast industry, across all channels, and our head of broadcast spent 10 years at leading financial news TV channel Bloomberg. We work with clients to create custom-made broadcast campaigns that will most effectively deliver key messages and output relevant to their specific audiences.